Music Tuition

Early Years
Originally from Hamilton, New Zealand, Donald was taught privately by three professional piano accordion teacher/players: Gerry Schmidts (Dutch Cabaret Accordion Artiste), Ken Talbot (East of England Champion Accordionist) and the excellent Trevor Taylor (New Zealand Virtuoso Champion Accordionist.) This combination of music teachers resulted in providing Donald with the life-long benefit of a broad and diverse knowledge of the accordion – both in terms of teaching and performing.

Teaching Method
Donald teaches an up-to-date, logical and easy-to-learn american accordion course which he regards as excellent. It enables the student to make rapid and satisfying musical progress and considerably simplifies the process of learning to read music. On top of this, it is also fun! Donald specialises in one-to-one tuition which takes place at either his family home in Hendon, London NW4 or at the student’s own residence. Pupils (both children and adults ) range from complete beginners to the more advanced, with lesson times to suit. Students may either study for accredited music boards’ examinations or play purely for pleasure. NB: Please note that Donald teaches the conventional piano accordion (ka stradella) but not the Chromatic or the Free-Bass instrument.

Formal Education
Donald Ross has a university degree in languages (B.A.,) which was followed by a further, university-year’s music study (CoP).

Reviews and appraisals of my work as an Accordion Teacher
Would you please note the following appraisals submitted by some of Donald’s past and current pupils:

'We cannot recommend Donald highly enough. Although we were complete beginners, Donald was
patient, friendly and encouraging from the outset. His knowledge and passion for the instrument, as well as his virtuosity, are evident. A definite thumbs up.'

Daniel and Samantha Sokol, London W6

'Donald was highly recommended to me and from the very beginning it was clear that Donald is a bright, talented teacher. He is a very dependable individual with a pleasant and enthusiastic manner. These features, combined with an amiable character and a very positive attitude constitute excellent characteristics for success. I have no hesitation in recommending him to any prospective student and I strongly believe that with his ability he will no doubt be a fantastic asset for your child. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.'
Mrs Fabiola Amara (mother of Juliana Amara). London N6

'I have been learning with Donald for 6 months now and found him to be a great accordion teacher. His enthusiasm and attention to detail, even with a beginner, helps me to get the most out of my playing. He is good-humoured and encouraging and I look forward to, and enjoy, my accordion lessons. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is serious about learning the accordion. '
Toby Gillman. Wendover, Herts

Buying an Accordion!
Please do avoid the temptation to purchase an accordion for £100 on E-Bay or any such similar site. In recent years, almost every one of my pupils who has done so, has bought an instrument with either lesser or greater problems/faults! Whilst such an instrument will probably assist you in getting started on your path to learning the accordion, do remember that it is likely to need repairing and/or replacing at some stage – sometimes immediately. Finally, please note that advice from me is FREE and (largely!) unbiased and that it is offered without any form of obligation or payment.


Contact Details
T: 020 8203 0626
M: 07787 91 60 41